About Blossoms

About Blossoms

Blossoms Johnstown Bridge

Blossoms Johnstown Bridge

Blossoms Pre-school Johnstownbridge & Rathdale is fully insured, registered with HSE, contracted to deliver the ECCE (Free pre-school place) scheme and a member of IPPA.

We offer a fully equipped School with the entire range of Montessori equipment to facilitate the delivery of the Montessori curriculum. Qualified and experienced staff provide individualised education for each child on a daily basis.

We have access to a fully enclosed outdoor play area to allow all of the children attending Blossoms to experience outdoor activities and social interaction with the entire pre-school community.

Blossoms Pre-school has a large parking area to the front and allows a safe drop off and collection  point for all parents and children.


Children learning through play

Special Needs Class

At Blossoms we have a class specifically for children with special /additional needs. This class has a high staff ratio and a maximum of six children. We offer one-to-one sessions to facilitate the delivery of a programme individual to each child. All children are welcome and catered in our caring and nurturing environment. Children from all the classes play together in the large outdoor area.

We deliver programmes to support children in their acquisition of skills in areas such as

  • Attending Skills
  • Life Skills
  • Language
  • Visual Discrimination
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Pre-writing Skills

These areas are  individual to each child and addressed in a manner that will meet the individual needs of each child. Social skills are introduced and supported in structured group activities.

Breakfast Club and After school Care (Rathdale Only)

Preschool flyer


The Joy of Learning at Blossoms Pre-School

Fun with shaving foam

Fun with shaving foam

At Blossoms Pre-School your child will receive the opportunity to develop their potential. They will be introduced to skills and qualities necessary for them to live in a full, independent and safe way. They will learn skills they will require in every day life – personal development, care of the environment, care of the person and social skills. They will work with materials to develop their five senses. They will experience the joy of learning to read and write through language development. Culture will introduce them to the world they live in, as well as others societies and traditions. And through maths, they will gain an excitement and affection for problem solving that many of us never experienced.

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