At Blossoms Pre-School your child will receive the opportunity to develop their potential. They will be introduced to skills and qualities necessary for them to live in a full, independent and safe way. They will learn skills they will require in every day life – personal development, care of the environment, care of the person and social skills. They will work with materials to develop their five senses. They will experience the joy of learning to read and write through language development. Culture will introduce them to the world they live in, as well as others societies and traditions. And through maths, they will gain an excitement and affection for problem solving that many of us never experienced.

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Our Blossoms team are passionate about supporting your child’s development withing a playful and exciting environment. ‘Every child’s journey is unique.’

We recognise that your child’s preschool years are especially important in laying the foundations of your child’s primary school education.

We introduce the Montessori method of teaching. In Blossoms we embrace Maria Montessori’s philosophy that recognises each child’s potential. We ensure children have the opportunities to explore, question, communicate and socialise in a fun and supportive environment that meets their needs. We operate a 1:11 in our ECCE preschool classes. Every child is entitled to two free preschool years.

Please use the ECCE calculator below to see when your child is entitled to their 2 free preschool years. Our ECCE classes are our most popular, so please make sure to book your child’s free preschool place as early as possible.

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Kate Doherty

We have had our twins at Blossoms Enfield for two years. We would highly recommend Jenny, Catherine and all the ladies there - not forgetting Kevin. Our kids are very different in personality and they loved going and learned so much. The staff are just so dedicated and it's all the little things that just make you glad you picked Blossoms. They have been incredible throughout the shutdown due to COVID, ensuring the kids are not losing out


Jessica Hanlon

Blossoms was recommended to me by another Mum and honestly, I couldn't have asked for a better preschool. My daughter has come on leaps and bounds since joining Blossoms. She loves going to school to see her friends and especially to see her teacher, who has given her such care and attention. The staff at Blossoms really are excellent and we couldn't be happier to send our daughter to such a wonderful place every day. We look forward to beginning another great year at Blossoms in September.


Karen Mc Loughlin

My two daughters aged 3 and 4 attend Blossoms preschool. They absolutely love it there! They run in the door every day, excited to see their friends and teachers. There is such a warm, friendly and welcoming atmosphere in the school. My children have thrived during their time there. The dedication and enthusiasm of the staff at Blossoms is really amazing. The children who attend the school are extremely lucky.


Michelle Loughran

Both my girls have attended Blossoms and both loved it. Staff are brilliant and as a parent you couldn’t ask for more.


Alison Walsh

Between my two children they have attended Blossoms at every stage from Toddler Group to Preschool to Afterschool Care. The staff are completely dedicated to the children’s needs and the new purpose-built facility is a beautiful space for little people to learn, develop and make new friends.


Gillian Eustace

Choosing a preschool can feel so daunting, but rest assured the smiles and care are genuine at Blossoms. Catherine and her team are pros at meeting each child’s needs, they go above and beyond. If you want a child who excitedly goes into school each morning, you would do well to choose Blossoms Preschool.


Kelly Taponen

Catherine and her team run a wonderful friendly environment for preschoolers. My daughter skips in the door in the mornings. The activities are provided to keep an active mind, she has been educated without realising as most of it is play based. Great friendships have been built between the children. The school concerts are the cutest. Emilie has grown in confidence and going to this Montessori has really helped her settle to life in the country. I highly recommend this Montessori. Catherine and her team love the children dearly and take great care of them. During the Covid 19 the children were not forgotten as we had weekly plans to keep us on track. We will miss them greatly as Emilie moves onto big school.


Brid Stack

Our son absolutely loves going to Blossoms. The classrooms are fabulous and feel like a magical cave with all the artwork and crafts on display. Every morning there is such a warm welcome for Pearse. I love how the children are actively encouraged to explore areas they are naturally interested in and to have fun doing this.

The knowledge he has acquired in such a wide variety of topics is amazing. Blossoms provides a warm relaxed environment where the children can be themselves and learn to respect each other. The outdoor facilities are also fantastic. The Christmas Concert and the art books provide memories that will be treasured forever. I couldn’t recommend Blossoms enough and I know Pearse can’t wait to go back.


Niamh Downey

My son has just finished his third year with Blossoms. From day one, both his nerves and mine were settled from the friendly
welcoming staff. They are always ahead of the game with the app, yearly books and concerts. The staff are great at picking up any issues and very easy to talk to regarding concerns. I would highly recommend to anyone.


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